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The Vancouver real estate market craze is extending up the coast to Squamish. Their most recent development, Park House, sold out in 90 minutes!


The 65-unit four storey development with studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units ranging from $167,900 to $449,900 was the new craze in the outdoor capital of Canada. Some believe this coincides with Squamish's plans to redevelop their downtown area into an Oceanfront Community.


This new 59 acre development, dubbed Squamish Oceanfront, will include: park space, marina, cultural spaces, educational space for post secondary and around 1,100 residential units for approximately 5,000 people.


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All we seem to hear about is how expensive real estate is getting in Vancouver and all over Canada. A recent survey has found that at least 50% of Canadians are waiting even longer to start families due to ever increasing cost of real estate.


A lot of Canadian's look at 400-500 sqft apartments and think that is not an acceptable situation to raise a child or create a family. It's becoming apparent that Canadian's are having to choose between home ownership where they want and raising a family in an appropriate environment.


A recent study issued at the beginning of this year found that a family would need to earn approximately $150,000 ($75,000 each) a year in order to own a modest home in Vancouver price around the $800,000 mark.

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In Mount Pleasant's Brewery district you will find the development called the Mecca. This fully pimped out loft even allows for you to bring your motorcycle into your condo. The 1,786 sqft completely open concept loft features a curved metal staircase, double height ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and access to a common rooftop deck.


The building was originally constructed in 1995 with it's purpose designed for an artist work/live stuido setting. The original owners consisted of painters, musicians, sculptors and others.


Property Details:

  • $1,148,000
  • 1786 sqft
  • 2 Bedroom | 2 Bathroom




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On the quiet street of Alpha Avenue in the Brentwood area is the Milano, Solterra's next boutique landmark tower.


The Solterra Group of Companies is known for it's unique and distinct buildings with stellar interior design and luxe finishings. This developer is one of the few where cookie cutter does not fit into their business model.


Milano is a singular tower with beautifully designed modern and contemporary features and architectural elements. Surrounding this beautiful building will be 20,000 sqft of world class amenities such as an outdoor movie theatre, outdoor kitchen, kids playground and more!


Inside is another beautifully designed realm of designer finishes, furniture, wall architecture, public art and anything else that will make a luxury lifestyle more elegant.


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Don't always think buying a home in Spring is the best time!


Most people realize that selling a home in the Fall/Winter is usually avoided due to the slow time, Holiday season and the colder and darker days. Everyone waits until Spring where the weather is getting warmer, flowers are in season and days are getting longer. With lots of activity still on the horizon for the Vancouver area buyers might consider the Winter season a good time to buy as Sellers tend not to list their properties if they absolutely don't have to.


Here are some valid reasons why Buying a property in the dark Winter may be a great investment opportunity:

  1. More Motivated Sellers:
    If a home was listed in the summer and it's still for sale you can be sure that these sellers will be more anxious to sell their property.

  2. Competition is Seasonally Dependant
    Most Buyers like to purchase homes early in the year to enjoy them through the summer. Most Buyers don't want to buy after school has started or Holiday's are around the corner. 

  3. Flexible Move-In Dates
    Since the Holiday season is a big part of everyones lives move-in dates become more flexible to either accommodate for the Holiday season or bypass it completely. 

  4. Weather and Daylight
    Low temperatures, rain, snow and lack of daylight usually cause Buyers to let go their home search and wait for blue skies and warm temperatures again. This might be your opportunity to sneak up on the competition.
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