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An American city is embracing a fantastic idea to give homes to those that earn less than $15,000 annually.


Portland, Oregon is nearing approval and construction of a tiny home project on public land in order to provide homes to the homeless and very low-income families. The land is hopefully going to be donated by local municipalities as well as other public services including schools.


Housing is the biggest obstacle, before individuals can get back on their feet, take advantage of job training, alcohol and drug counselling they require a place to live.


Creating these tiny home communities has proven to be successful in other North American cities and would most certainly be a unique solution to some of Vancouver's issues.


Portland hopes to have their 25 home community in place by February 2015. These homes would be rented for between $250-350 per month, which makes them affordable to individuals making between $5,000-15,000 annually.




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